3 reasons I've started to blog

1.To connect with other crafters and share ideas

I have over 30 crafters selling their beautiful handmade products in my shop in Hertfordshire. I'm so much in awe of what other people make & love admiring people's handiwork

2.To talk about the trials and tribulations (but mostly fun) of being a crafty shopkeeper

I adore my shop! It's amazing and I still can't believe that it's actually mine and that I sell yarn!  It's hard work and things happen on a weekly basis which make me laugh, worry, feel frustrated but overall very happy.

3.To share my own crochet products 

I do knit but for the past 6 or so years I've mostly concentrated on crochet. I think that's because I'm inpatient and crochet grows more quickly and also there's far less sewing up to do!  I mostly make bears and other animals but I create the occasional blanket, jumper and land-rover (honestly - you'll see a picture when it's finished!)

So that's why I'm here - hopefully I'll pick up this blogging thing fairly quickly and I can't wait to start finding other people's to read.